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I feel like I’d like to live but I look forward to death. Death has no fear for a man or a woman whose love has become impersonal and endless. In death, you just get cut off from lemon meringue pie. The recognition that there is no end to life is wisdom.

Everyone should live in the moment, but you have to love what you’re doing to do it. We are too much in the mind. The ego and the mind are the same thing.

Being well paid is not evidence that you are successful and/or happy. If we were to eliminate money and encourage/inspire people to do what they love to do, they might find some happiness. God, being in everything and everyone, has a challenge of making sense out of humanity. If people truly understood that God is everywhere, the education of the ego would be an easier task. However, we do arrive at the truth and compassion eventually comes from working on the ego. And there really is God, nature, and ego.

Another name for God might be truth, good and beauty. Other names suggested by Hindu sages are consciousness existence and bliss absolute. Islam offers Allah the merciful. God is a reality pervading and transcending the creation and projection of the absolute.

My own ego and need for approval is the motivation for writing stuff. I have others, all of which are making me less popular and more obnoxious. Shouting at people makes no sense, unless of course, you are a politician, parent, or TV commercial.

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