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Day of Remembrance to Honor Oakwood Deceased

Every year  on Memorial Day, we remember the dead and wounded of the wars our country has fought against other countries. The H.E.L.P.E.R Foundation invites everyone, on June 15 and 16, to remember the dead and wounded from a war that took place right here in Venice 18 years ago. From August 1993 to June 1994, a real war raged between the Black and Latino gangs in Oakwood, there was at least one gunshot EVERY night; usually more than one, often many more. It ended with three separate shooting incidents in one day (two dead and two seriously wounded in one, one person with a minor wound in each of the other two.) When the war was over 17 people had died and 55 had been wounded in 10 months.

Many present-day Venice residents don’t remember that time, either because they’re too young, or they moved here after 1994. Whether or not you can attend a Day Of Remembrance event take some time to think about what YOU can do to help ensure that nothing like that ever happens again. Especially now, when so many outside forces threaten the very identity of Venice, it’s time for everyone who loves Venice, regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic class, to help build a commUNITY where Venetians will NEVER fight other Venetians again.

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