Introducing: The Venice Symphony Orchestra

Venice Symphony Orchestra actively seeking local volunteer musicians to join community-based orchestra. Looking for orchestral/symphonic instruments (violin, cello, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, etc.).

The purpose of this venture is to bring together local musicians within the Venice community to combine symphonic pieces with modern music for several performances each year. The intent is to celebrate all eras of music from classical composers to classic rock, jazz to Top 40 hits, and more to creatively bridge the gap between old and young.

Beginning mid-June there will be weekly rehearsals, leading up to the first performance slated for early August. Again, participation is by volunteer basis, with a goal of bringing the community together through music.

The Venice Symphony Orchestra (VSO) is a community-focused organization dedicated to music education and exploration through sharing.  From Beethoven to Beck the VSO is interested inviting our audiences to explore the rich history of music from centuries past and present. By providing free orchestral concerts to the Venice community and surrounding areas we will showcase a unique and dignified outlook on modern and classic works.

If interested, please contact for rehearsal details:

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