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Lincoln Place Cats Need a Home

By Barbara Eisenberg

For many years a resident at Lincoln Place Apartments has been hoarding cats. Without spaying and neutering the cats, they have been producing kittens and more kittens which have grown up and produced more kittens. The problem in itself has been very disturbing as they were not well cared for, not enough food, no vaccination shots, and/or no medications for those which were ill.

Now AIMCO, the owner of Lincoln Place, has refused to allow any loose cats on the property. They say that all cats which are found outside will be trapped and removed from the property. The fate for these cats is unknown.

With the assistance of wonderful, all volunteer, ladies from the Stray Cat Alliance organization many of the cats have been spayed or neutered and given immunizations. The current kittens have been bathed to remove fleas and been given their first rounds of immunizations, as well.

Most of the adults are very well socialized and love to be petted, brushed, get chin scratching. Some are incredible athletes with leaps that are Olympic worthy.

I have played with many of them and they do not bite or scratch when playing.

These loveable felines all need homes and as quickly as possible due to the previously explained situation.

If you are not able to adopt or foster, perhaps you could make a small donation for the ongoing spay/neuter process, which will continue until all the kitties are accounted for.

Anyone who would love to have a very beautiful cat or kitten or want more information of this effort PLEASE contact: Julie (TCLA08@aol.com), Barbara Eisenberg (barbeebarbvenice@yahoo.com), or Christi Metropole (www.straycatalliance.org)   b

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