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If you were so inclined and had the opportunity and ability to contemplate the vastness of the manifest universe, being trillions of light years and beyond infinity in space, it could cause you to get horny.  The idea of the Unmanifest Absolute Supreme Spirit could easily bring on an orgasm.  Of course, the whole thing is Love and Sexuality and God, if you’ll forgive me summing up so early in the program.

Let me just rave and ramble and see what comes to the surface.  God, She, has many names and endless expressions, which sometimes confuse people with no imagination and just one level of abstraction.  They’re usually short on curiosity, creativity and a sense of humor, as well.  I don’t mean to be critical, however, the truth inevitably nails somebody.  The truth is never unkind.  It may sting from time to time, however, it is never needlessly cruel.  Kindness may sometimes be a disservice.  Life can be tricky and getting to the bottom line is a really profound challenge.  I have never read, or heard a definition of the bottom line.  You would think someone would have come up with it, due to its popularity and wide use.  Personally, I would love to just live at the bottom line, 24-7.  I don’t know if I have the attention span and nervous system for it, but I look forward to a shot at it.

The Bottom Line could be Ultimate Truth, Universal Good, Boundless Beauty, Cosmic Consciousness, Endless Existence, Absolute Bliss, innate intelligence, consecrated will, unconditional love, spontaneity, awareness, Light, Life, Love.

I certainly hope so.   You may have a better, richer, or a bigger vocabulary.   Let us hear from you, if you are so inclined, and have nothing more interesting to do.

Peace on Earth and Thru Out the Cosmos

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