Civil Rights

Anonymous Talks to the Beachhead

By X

Thank you, to those citizens of the world who took part in the 99%, to expose the 1%. We, soon, with our brothers’ and sisters’ help, are going to expose the 0.5%, which have hundreds to thousands of millions of dollars. Anonymous is not a communist or an anti-government group, as was reported by those in the media.

Anonymous wishes to show the unjust when it comes to income and wealth. When someone has an annual income of $1 million, one can make wealth, as the system is set up by the 0.5% for this to work for them, and not you.

This can be seen in Venice and other places around our world. Greece was the first country to fail. Next will be Spain, then Portugal, then Ireland. With our online research and our informants, all the roads seem to lead back to the new 4th Reich. Anonymous has found out that it is a 1000 year Reich that still reigns by the 3rd generation.

The 0.2% who have thousands of millions of dollars will be exposed next. Then the 0.1% will expose themselves as having billions to trillions of dollars and access to military machines. We need to remind ourselves that Greece is the cradle of democracy, and Iraq is the cradle of civilization, the Garden of Eden.

We are signing off with the notion that they wish you to believe that democracy is capitalism. This is untrue. Thank you to the Beachhead from Anonymous.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. The Olympics 2012.

We are Anonymous.

Anonymous is an International online community, a leaderless group with no official membership. It is a way of working loosely coordinated, independently and Anonymously. More a concept than an organization, their primary areas of interest are internet privacy and freedom from censorship.

Anonymous actions have involved using hacker skills to attack corporate and government websites in the US and abroad. Anonymous has been involved in occupy Wall Street, and the Guy Fawkes masks Anonymous participants wear in public have become symbolic of the broader occupy movement.

Online actions in support of Julian Assange of Wikileaks have brought about increased scrutiny by law enforcement agencies around the world. It was with this in mind that when the Beachhead reporter offered to meet with an Anonymous participant, he was required to follow various security protocols.