The Venice Sleep Out

By Charles Dunn

What had begun two years ago, has now transpired in to an Annual event, thanks to the hard work of all the teams involved. The day August 25 started at 4pm, even the weather turned up in its full vibrance and glory for the event.

There were Shoots and Ladders on a table approximately 6ft by 12ft in length, a stage for music and live performers whom were all part of the event, booths for Bradley Manning ran by the Veterans for peace, printed t-shirts, tarot card readers, plant a tree as well as the Beachhead. The best and most used,was the free food and drink booth, which served throughout the day and night many thanks to the volunteers.

The location Beyond Baroque on Venice Blvd. All day long vehicles that passed seemed to honk their horns in support for this event.

Vehicles that were parked alongside the event were a work of art themselves, as I was informed they are what’s called rubber tramps. The art and creativity was outstanding and of the highest order. All the people that took part seemed to have a wonderful day, they were happy and free of their troubles.

Night fell after an raising collection of stage music, poets, and performers. A rousing speech was given by Occupy, when they proposed a notion that the houseless leave their things in a building which is locked up until night time, which could then be re- trieved between 6am and 9pm. This we should all fully support.

In the evening after the sun went down, the whole of the Sleep Out were given the luxury of watching the movie Rubber Tramps with popcorn and a packet of m&m’s, also hot drinks which were

provided by the volunteers all night. The food was donated by kind hearts.

The movie in its self explained why they call themselves Rubber Tramps.What an excellent movie we were treated to.

After the movie things were packed away and we all settled down for the night.

This was a day and evening Venice can be proud of no trouble no suspense abuse of any, kind just peace and love.

I for one am looking forward to next years event. I learned a lot from these nice people, so when you come across them in your life, treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Thank you Venice Sleep Out.

Sponsored by: Beyond Baroque, Venice Community Housing Corporation, Venice Justice Committee, Stand Up For Youth, Venice Food Not Bombs, SPARC, Heartbeat of Venice, Venice Action Alliance, Safe Place for Youth, POWER,Venice Family Clinic, Venice Arts Council, the Free Venice Beachhead, New Life Society and Reach or the Top. Special thanks to All Star Sound.

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