Don’t Sell Out!

By Bradley Bobbs

“Yes, I support the principles of Roseanne Barr and the Peace & Freedom Party; but realistically we know that she’s not going to win the election, so I’m going to vote for Obama to make sure that Romney doesn’t win.” Have you said this to yourself? (Or maybe it was about Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Jill Stein.) If so, just what do you think you’re going to accomplish by selling out your principles like this? You didn’t seriously think that the election was going to be so close that your one vote would decide the result, did you? And you didn’t seriously think that, despite all the evidence to the contrary over the past many decades (including the 2008 election), a Democrat President was really going to do much different from what the Republican candidate would have done if he had won, did you?

So just what ARE you accomplishing by voting for the lesser of two evils instead of voting for good? You’re giving your vote of support to continuing the absolute rule of the Democrats and Republicans (or “Demoblicans” as I call them) and their power to crush any third-party competition. You’re accepting having your principles suppressed indefinitely, as long as the government occasionally throws them a bone to appease them. You’re saying that you don’t want any real change, you just want to stick with the status quo and the establishment that has created every problem that exists in our government today. You’re giving up on your principles and selling out, and sending that message out for all to see. Is that really what you want?

For decade after decade under Demoblican rule, the problems in our government just keep getting worse. The old problems rarely ever get solved, and just keep piling up as the government keeps creating new ones. We see the Presidency keep bouncing back and forth between Democrat and Republican, but rarely bringing about any real positive change. Yet gullible voters keep thinking “If only the Democrats (or Republicans) win this time, everything will get better!” How many times does this foolish expectation have to fail (and fail miserably) to happen until the voters wake up and see that the Demoblicans will only continue to make things worse?

There’s a reason the Demoblicans keep failing to fix the problems in our country:  It’s because that is NOT their goal. They may have an official platform of lofty principles, but they only give it lip service. There is only ONE principle that really means anything to them: Get elected, get power, get money, and get it by whatever means necessary. The Demoblican political machine doesn’t exist to serve YOU, it exists for you to serve IT. It will sweet-talk you, fool you, trick you, or strong-arm you, as needed, to get your vote and your money.  THAT is the goal of the Demoblicans. If you care about principles, you need to look elsewhere, to the candidates who struggle for the opportunity to improve their country only with grassroots support, WITHOUT benefit of a political machine.

If Roseanne is unlikely to win the election, have you thought about why that is? Is it really because her ideas are unpopular, and the Demoblicans have better ideas? Guess again. It’s because the Demoblicans have the power to crush the competition, and no qualms against abusing that power. The Democrats can’t eliminate the Republicans, and vice versa; but the two parties working together can sure as heck keep anyone else from winning. They have almost unlimited power and money at their disposal to do so. The Demoblicans use taxpayer money to fund their conventions and campaigns. They flood the airwaves with their propaganda. They make rules aimed specifically at keeping their competition off the ballots and out of the debates.

The Demoblicans once made a serious error years ago, when Jesse Ventura of the Reform Party was running for governor of Minnesota. They got overconfident and, thinking that Jesse didn’t have a chance of winning anyway, allowed him into the candidate’s debate. Well, once the public got to hear Jesse talk about having real principles, instead of the same old empty promises from the Demoblican candidates, he won the election; and for the first time, a state had a governor that was NOT Demoblican! You can be sure that the Demoblicans learned from their mistake, and that they will do everything in their power to make darn sure that you don’t get to hear third-party candidates debate against Demoblican candidates again!

But the Demoblicans can only crush their competition if the American people allow it. You don’t have to fall for their propaganda that tries to fool you into believing that Democrat and Republican are your only real choices. In fact, the only thing stopping the other candidates from winning is that belief. If the 99%, who supposedly are not happy with our current government and want change, would only do something as simple as voting FOR change instead of continually voting AGAINST change, then the change would come. Instead, most of them just keep voting Demoblican and then gripe about the pitiful consequences that they brought upon themselves.

So now think about what you could accomplish by standing up for your principles and casting your vote for Roseanne (or Gary or Jill or another third-party candidate). You could be sending out the message that you AREN’T happy with the status quo, that you want something better than the unprincipled Demoblican regime that exists only to serve the interests of their politicians by preying upon the American public. You could set an example to all those who don’t have the courage and insight you have to see how a true patriot votes. You could show them that a government run on real moral principles is easily within our grasp, if only they will join you. You could give them hope for a better country. Maybe it won’t happen in this election; but if we keep trying, and don’t sell out to the Demoblicans again, it will happen in time.

Give REAL change a chance. Just say no to the status quo. Vote against the Democrat-Republican regime this time. Don’t sell out!

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