Beachhead Recommendations for the November 6 Election

Prop 30: Temporary School Funding – YES

Income tax on top 2% of income earners and temporary quarter cent sales tax. Raises $6 billion dollars for schools and higher education. No provision that the money will actually be spent on education.

Prop 31:   Cuts Educational Funding – NO

Shifts $200 Million from education and other social safety net programs.  Grants Governor extraordinary powers to cut health and social service programs.

Prop 32: Corporate SuperPAC Exemption – NO

Does away with union political spending while exempting corporation from same restrictions.

Prop 33: Good Driver Rate Hike – NO

Would allow auto insurance companies to raise rate on drivers due to break in coverage, regardless of good driving record.

PROP 34:  Ends The Death Penalty – YES

Eliminates the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

PROP 35: Curbs Human Trafficking – YES

Increases penalties on human trafficking and those convicted will have to register as a sex offender.

PROP 36: Changes The Three Strike Law – YES

Limits ‘Three Strikes Law” to violent and/or sexual crimes, lowering prison populations.

PROP 37:  Labeling Genetically Altered Foods – YES

Requires genetically engineered food to be labeled as such and prevents such food from being labeled “natural”.

PROP 38: Competing School Funding Proposition – YES

Regressive income tax hike on individuals making as little as $7,316 a year. No funds for higher education. Guarantees that the money will be spent on education.

PROP 39: Closes Tax Loopholes On Out Of State Corporations – YES

Eliminates tax break that harms California business’ while helping out of state business’.  Funds education, social services and green jobs.

PROP 40: Approves New Senate Districts – YES

Protects newly redrawn Senate districts. Keeps the courts out of the process.

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