People’s Reactions While Canvasing for Proposition 37 (YES! to Labeling GMOs) at the Ukiah Safeway 10/28/2012 

“I’m a felon

I can’t vote!

And I didn’t murder the guy.”

“I’ve already voted,”

sly, grim smile;

with emphasis:

“by secret ballot.”

“I’ve already voted YES!”


big, happy smiles!!!

“YES! I’m planning to vote for it!”

thank-you for being out here!”

more smiley faces.

“YES! I’m in a wheelchair and

voting for it with my last leg!”

“YES! I’m obese!

GMOS are forced upon us

with no scientific or health studies whatsoever.”

“WOW! look at that photo of a rat’s

giant tumor from eating GMO corn.”

“It’s people’s own fault they

(SUPERSIZE ME!) drink too much soda.”

“I only shop at Farmer’s Markets so it doesn’t affect me.”

WRONG! Monsanto sues small farms

when Monsanto’s hybridized seeds

contaminate farmer’s heirloom and heritage crops.

“Don’t want no more guv’mint regulations.”

“There will be too many lawsuits.”

“It will cost the consumer.”

Price of a new label : .001 cent.

“It will benefit the Co-op.”


“We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses.

We don’t vote.

We believe God will solve the world’s problems.”


“I’m voting YES!

I care about our Earth,

our health, and our children’s future.”

— Erica Snowlake