Dear Beachhead Readers

We just wanted to reach out as the end of the year is almost here, and if you’re looking for things to donate to, please consider The Free Venice Beachhead. So many people came up and told us how much they love the Beachhead at the Abbot Kinney Festival, and so many people around the whole world look to it to keep up with this place that we all love, but not that many of you actively support it. We welcome financial donations (whether we have enough to print this ALL volunteer, ALL donation run, FREE to you paper every month is always up in the air, and as writers and creative types, it’s not any member of the Collective’s main skill set to be salespeople), ads placed by the businesses in our neighborhoods, volunteering your time to help deliver the papers, help fundraising, and writing articles and poems to submit so we can hear more from YOU, as this paper is about all of us in Venice. It would be a terrible shame to see this free press publication started in 1968 (HAPPY 44th Birthday, Beachhead!) no longer exist, just because of money, like is happening to so many other Venice institutions. Thank you for your support, truly, and a beautiful holiday season to each and every one of you!

All the very best,

The Beachhead Collective

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