Dear Beachhead – by Daniel Carrillo, Weott State Prison

Dear Beachhead – by Ron Lowe

Dear Beachhead – by Charles Thomas


Dear Beachhead,

Sending this letter in response to let you and your staff know that I very much highly appreciate the fact that you were able to send me the newspaper. Thanks to you.

Also at the same time thank you for taking the time and patience and giving me the opportunity to know and read on what’s happening in the neighborhood.

With all due respect,

Daniel Carrillo

Weott State Prison


Dear Beachhead:

Letter writers and pundits and soothsayers who support the Republican anti-tax scam have another problem on their hands besides the re-election of

President Obama. California now has a Democratic majority in the state Senate and Assembly.

No longer will the Republican anti-tax jihad be able to hold the California state budget hostage every year as the Democratic majority can now bring in

additional revenue and make the state solvent (the ability to pay debts). The super rich will share more in the state’s tax burden.

This is what Republicans have been clamoring about, right? Balancing the state’s budget and getting a handle on the deficit. Republicans got their wish.

With Democrats in control and the Republican anti-tax corpse sidelined the state may function as it is suppose to.

And, this is a warning to the fanciers of the Republican anti-tax conundrum in states around the country and in the U.S. government. Your days are numbered as fiscal balance and sanity is highlighted in California.



Ron Lowe


Dear Beachhead:

Thank you so much for printing my article last month regarding the plight of stray cats at the Lincoln Place Apartments (LP). I believe it was helpful to get the word out and raise awareness so we can work together finding permanent placement for these beautiful animals.

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that the Stray Cat Alliance (SCA) is still working to find homes for the cats collected from LP. Also, in the process of “rounding up” cats, SCA knows that cats from the neighborhood go wandering at LP too. AIMCO is beginning major construction activities at LP, some of which involve fumigation. All neighbors in the area are asked to please keep your cats inside, as LP is a potentially dangerous environment for your little ones. The Lincoln Place rental office is reached at (310)396-3117 for dates and times on construction activity.

If you are unable to adopt an LP cat, please consider providing foster care. Fostering would be helpful to SCA, as SCA is paying boarding expenses for some cats taken in. There are several ways to help and SCA can be contacted at the website – www.straycatalliance.org.


Charles Thomas

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