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Santa Monica Should Give Its Los Angeles Neighbors a Fair Voice on the SM Airport Commission

By Martin Rubin

The City of Santa Monica has basically ignored the complaints of Venice residents for more than two decades. They moved takeoffs from over Santa Monica to over Venice.

Los Angeles residents in Venice and Mar Vista want to be heard. They want an opportunity to discuss the issues that affect their health and well-being. They want a place on the Santa Monica Airport Commission as a non-voting liaison; a fair voice at the table.

On July 1, 2015, the agreement between the City of Santa Monica and the Federal Aviation Administration will expire. What then? Will only Santa Monica decide?

The Mar Vista Community Council unanimously passed a Policy Motion requesting for a liaison position on the Santa Monica Airport Commission. The Venice Neighborhood Council will probably follow suit.

Los Angeles City Council District 11’s Transportation Advisory Committee  (CD11 TAC) will consider a motion in December to establish liaison positions for Venice and Mar Vista.

Where will this effort lead? The Santa Monica Airport Commission will discuss this item at their January 28, 2013 meeting.

Stay tuned for follow-up reports.

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Here is a draft of what CD11 TAC will consider.

Whereas Los Angeles City Council District 11 (CD 11) borders Santa Monica Airport (SMO) to the south and to the east; and

Whereas a significant portion of the east end of SMO lies within the City of Los Angeles;  and

Whereas the CD 11 neighborhoods of Mar Vista, Venice, and West Los Angeles are uniquely impacted by nuisances, serious safety,  and serious public health concerns created by SMO ; and

Whereas, given that CD 11 borders half of SMO and the significant and unique impacts on CD 11 residents, CD 11 residents are uniquely qualified to bring to the Santa Monica Airport Commission an important and meaningful perspective not currently on the Commission which is comprised solely of Santa Monica residents, and

Whereas meaningful discussions and full vetting of all the issues related to the future of SMO after the July 01, 2015 expiration of the 1984 “Santa Monica Airport Agreement” would be essential to the health and well-being of CD 11 residents,

Therefore be it resolved that the CD 11 Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) recommends the creation by the City of Santa Monica of two non-voting advisory liaison positions on the Commission; and

Be it further resolved that the CD 11 TAC recommends that one position be filled by a Venice Neighborhood Council stakeholder and one position be filled by a Mar Vista Community Council stakeholder.


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