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On December 21st, according to the Mayan calendar, we will see a subtle change as the world is transformed into a higher level of consciousness, not the doom and gloom everyone has predicted.  We have no record or knowledge that the Mayans would think the world would come to an end.  To the Mayans, it was a celebration to make it to the end of a whole cycle.  People won’t recognize this for what it is, but it will affect us physically as well as spiritually as the deepening of consciousness of individuals – some can feel it, some can’t. The world as we know it is ending – negativity is leaving.  It’s hard to say what will happen physically.  Art, science, and religion will be transformed to a higher level of consciousness.

Why do we recognize the Mayan calendar that was the enfoldment of mankind 2500 years ago?  The Mayans were sensitive to the future – they were mystics, similar to the current mystics and physics. The 2012 phenomenon is a complete fabrication and a chance for people to cash in.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it – however, the truth is we’ve been using the wrong calendar for some time now.  This has had a serious effect on our relationships, attitude towards in-laws and the ability to wake up in the morning and collect our unemployment check.  We should do something about this.  The Mayan calendar is the answer, if you are aware enough to ask the question.

It’s true that we do create our own reality on top of the one expressed by that Effulgent Reality: nature and so-called civilization.  We obviously have a lot to learn.  I think and feel we’re going to do it, soon.  2013 will be interesting, exciting and enlightening, to say the least.  So we must stay positive, progressive and poised for anything.  We are creative light, life and love; and have a divine destiny in unfolding our essential spiritual nature to its ultimate perfection.


A gathering of Swami’s friends will take place during the evening of December 21 at Swami’s residence.  If you are his friend, you are invited!


A special Thank You goes out to Daryl Barnett, who has been visiting Swami on a monthly basis to collect and type the wisdom of his spoken word, and submit it to the Beachhead for publication.

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