Anne Alvarez

Party for Swami at Bill’s

By Anne Alvarez

Friday December 21, the Mayans’ supposed “Doomsday,”  had many expecting cataclysmic and transformative events worldwide. However, for local poet and astrologer SwamiX, the date had a much greater and significant meaning, a time for humanity to re-invent itself, a time filled with endless opportunities.

The day was celebrated with a gathering of local Venice artists, musicians, poets and politicians at Councilman Bill Rosendhals’ home, who despite undergoing chemotherapy in the last few months, was in a great celebratory spirit.

There were musical performances by Suzy Williams, Jingles, Stephen Longfellow Fiske and Peter Demian, who led the crowd on singalongs. Plenty of food and drinks, along with a chocolate cake in the shape of the famous Mayan temple Chichen Itza marked the occasion.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made an appearance taking, a seat on the floor next to his old college friend, Swami. Rosendahl asked for a moment of silence for the Newton Connecticut victims.

He then gave a speech in which he addressed the need for the legalization of marijuana and linked his current health condition to prescription diabetes medication. He reminisced his past work on Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign as well as the last time he spoke to Martin Luther King, and the wise words he shared with him.

More than anything, the evening was a showcase of the unbreakable human spirit. Regardless of any health challenges SwamiX or Bill Rosendhal may be facing, they were the most festive and upbeat people in the room, reminding us all of what it truly is to be Alive.

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