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It’s not wise, or even smart, to take anything personally.  Of course, you have to be at a certain level of awareness to appreciate that attitude and perception.  Incidentally, Buddha stated the idea of individual souls was myopic.  I’m inclined to agree with him.

Where does it all go anyway?  Ecstasy is creative, this I know.  There never was a beginning, and there will never be an end.  We are endlessly, ecstatically creative.  We are gods.  Know ye not that ye are gods.

Of course, we age and die.  That is, the body dies and returns to the elements.  The soul travels thru the Lokas, back to the Supreme OWow, alias, God.  I think when we look around, we are easily persuaded that God has a fantastic sense of humor, and endless compassion.  Science has revealed that there is no end to the energy of the Multi-Verse, why can’t we convince the Republicans of this?  Ego does not surrender easily sometimes.  The Democrats seem to be a little dense as well, or not so well.

We should wage a war on fear, or inaugurate peace projects all over the world.  We could drop food instead of bombs.  Wouldn’t that be sweet, enlightening and inspiring for everyone?  Of course, the gunrunners would be a little upset.  Well, you can’t please everyone, as Jesus and Lincoln so dramatically proved.

Every moment is a door to creative, compassionate bliss.  Learning to turn the mind off, or meditation, is a big step in that direction.  God bless you on your journey back to the Supreme OWow – and Happy New Year!!

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