Emily Winters Writes on Mural Ordinance and VNC

Dear Beachhead,

The Venice Neighborhood Council Board Meeting on Tuesday, January 22 voted unanimously to revisit their vote to accept the Los Angeles City Mural Ordinance due to final changes made by Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) on January 15th that resolved the issues in question. The VNC Arts Committee will reevaluate the final ordinance recommendations by PLUM, and bring it to the next VNC meeting for a final vote. The VNC Arts Committee and myself made a few recommendations to add to the current ordinance for reconsideration.

I am very glad that the Venice Neighborhood Council responded to my objections to their premature vote, and are willing to reconsider their vote to make recommendations to the LA City Council for their final decision on accepting the Mural Ordinance. These final recommendations by PLUM make the ordinance a very solid protection of murals in our city.

There are many muralists, artists, various art groups from all over the City of Los Angeles who have been working on this ordinance for the last 10 years, and came together when the City of LA started a Mural Working Group led by Tanner Blackman and Whitney Blumenfeld for the last 3 years.

Thank you Venice Neighborhood Council and the Beachhead for your support.


Emily Winters

Jan. 25, 2013

Categories: Art