Get Out and Vote on Tuesday, March 5

By the Venice Chapter, Peace and Freedom Party

The recommended candidates participating in the Primary Nominating Election on Tuesday, March 5 are boldfaced below, followed by a simple summary. The choices are based upon how candidates answered a questionnaire prepared by the Southern California chapter of the Americans for Democratic Action (SCADA). There will probably be a low (15%) turnout in this primary, so your vote counts even more.

L.A. Mayor

The candidates running for LA Mayor are numerous. There are three candidates with the most contributions. Contributions are usually just a measure of political favors to be doled out later. Eric Garcetti (3.7 million), Wendy Greuel (3.6 million) and Jan Perry (1.5 million) are the candidates with the biggest contributions.

Garcetti appears to be mildly progressive. He is against the death penalty and the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. He is pro-choice, very much pro-union, pro-affirmative action and wants to increase the number of jobs and affordable housing. Garcetti actually authored the nation’s first tenant foreclosure eviction moratorium. This moratorium was recently renewed for 2013. A vote for Garcetti is recommended.


L.A. City Attorney

Among the candidates running for L.A. City Attorney, there are three candidates with the most contributions: Michael Feuer (915K), Gregory Smith (718K) and Carmen Trutanich (392K).

Feuer is the best of the three. He is progressive according to his SCADA questionnaire. Like Garcetti, he is against the death penalty and the privatization of Social Security and Medicare. He is also pro-single payer healthcare, pro-choice, pro-union and pro-worker’s rights. Feuer is in favor of affirmative action and wants to increase jobs and affordable housing. Trutanich is out. He has demonstrated his crazy side when he pushed for and got a Venice curfew. A vote for Feuer is recommended.


L.A. Controller

Among the candidates running for Controller, Dennis P. Zine, a former member of the L.A. City Council, is a notable right-winger. Ron Galperin is also liberal and received the endorsement of SCADA. Galperin favors the death penalty under extreme circumstances. Ankur Patel looks like he has some good ideas and skills as a labor and student organizer, but seemingly lacks a systematic approach to politics. Cary Brazeman is a liberal and probably the best choice. A vote for Brazeman is recommended.

L.A. Council District 11

There is very little difference between the candidates running for L.A. Council District 11. Mike Bonin generally and publicly takes progressive positions. But when it comes to concrete actions, he is beholden to developers and other powerful downtown influences. The candidates seem to be, as usual, out for themselves. Not one even mentions Venice Cityhood. The two candidates with the most contributions are: Mike Bonin (186K) and Frederick Sutton (34K).

Mike Bonin recently repeated the Fox News slogan that he would be “fair and balanced” on issues like city pension plans. There go the pensions. Bonin is in favor of removing the poor far from Venice. Also be aware of the fact that Tina Hess, a former prosecutor, is endorsed by several anti-homeless groups and the Republican Daily News. On the other hand, Frederick Sutton’s website advances some reasonable ideas. Sutton is recommended.

L.A. Unified School District

The two candidates running for the L.A. Unified School District don’t seem very interesting. Since UTLA (United Teachers of Los Angeles) supports Steve Zimmer, this is probably the better vote. On the other hand, he was not particularly helpful when the Venice Skills Center was in danger of being shut down. Kate Anderson is out. She is a political opportunist who has lots of right-wing support and money behind her. A vote for Zimmer is recommended.

L.A. Community College District

The L.A. Community College District (Seat 2) has two candidates running for the Board of Trustees. Mike Eng, a former teacher, may be the better choice for Seat 2. No comment on Seat 4. In Seat 6, Nancy Pearlman, a long-time environmental activist who helped organize the first Earth Day in 1970, is strong on increasing class availability. Pearlman is probably the better candidate for Seat 6.

Lastly, we recommend No on Measure A (increased sales tax burdens the poor disproportionately) and Yes on Measure B (worker pension plans are welcomed).


LA Mayor:              Eric Garcetti

City Attorney:         Michael Feuer

Controller:            Cary Brazeman

Council District 11:   Frederick Sutton

LAUSD:                 Steve Zimmer

LACCD:                 Mike Eng/ Nancy Pearlman

No on Measure A

Yes on Measure B

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