Overnight Parking Districts

Tell the Bullies to Seek Help

By Lisa Green

I am defined by part of community as a vehicular dweller, and/or Homeless. I’ve been a consistent figure on Venice Boardwalk across from Venice Bistro for 5+ years. I’m an artist, an earthkeeper. I spend most of my time “outside and available,” dedicated to liberating the human family from our limitations, fears, and misunderstandings. At night I sleep inside my van with my dog Tiki, because I choose this lifestyle to illustrate an alternative way of existence. I live a simple life, as holistically as possible, and more than one documentary has been captured to make record of my example.

The true costs of how I function in life are of more value to humanity, the earth and all existence than most of you can comprehend right now, especially if you are still putting money above love and life. Recently, I’ve heard some of you state, “Well, this does not apply to you, just to ‘those people’. ” Well, that comment not only reeks of ignorance but implies that the “powermongers” are giving me an opt-out clause for good behavior, when I have not requested or demanded either. I stand by my word and my actions. When you attempt to separate our community, you tell me a great deal about your state of mind, and your mental and emotional health. I believe that the greatest work begins within the self. I live by example – that is my truth. Let’s get to the root of the problem at an individual and collective level.

OPD’s are a form of regressive taxation, and exclusionary. Who is behind this effort and why? Mark Ryavec continues to appear to be the spokesperson for an ongoing campaign to rid Venice of people that he does not accept as part of the community. When I see someone with a pattern of hostility, of negative thinking, of abusive behavior, loads of anger, and attacking others, I recommend a community intervention using non-violent conflict resolutions, life coaching, counseling, and yes – love. When will Mark stop? He was overstepping his authority at the VNC meeting yet again. Why is that acceptable to some of you? This man is misusing power. Are you afraid of him? Tell the bullies no. Tell the bullies to seek help. To seek inside themselves.

We live in resource based world. The economics of energy is a governing principle. Instead of spending time and energy on penal, regressive, and oppressive measures which cost us emotionally, physically, socially and environmentally long before they cost us monetarily, focus on solutions that empower people, that teach, and guide us towards equality, towards harmony.

Instead of making most people pay a fee to park, like OPDs, we must take actions to focus political will that have the corporations, and the economically rich pay their fair share. Do you really believe those taxes you are paying are fair? Are you getting enough back for what you give? Well, most people are telling me no, yet continuing to do the same thing expecting different results.

This is our world. One planet. One people. Our task is to learn not just to survive, but to thrive. Say no to OPDs and those that misuse power. Take action in healthy ways. In order to thrive we have to accept unity within the diversity. We have deep wounds to heal. Let’s come together. Let’s stand for equality. Let’s stand for justice. Let’s help those that require guidance in ways that are compassionate and empowering, and treat people with dignity and respect.