Ballerina Clown – Gene Mendez

Thanks, Beachhead! – Steve Clare and Susan Millman


Dear Beachhead,

Thank you, Delores Hanney, for explaining to me, after 25 years, that Ballerina Clown is a ” pychological resolution of opposites, a salute to those gaudy habitues of Ocean Front Walk.” Oh. And here I thought it was sophomoric prank, the result of a killer bag of weed that was funnier on paper, where it should have stayed, and a nose-thumbing to the citizens who have to live with, and worse – be identified with. Bi-gendered? It never occurred to me to look up her tutu. At least I now have a name to attach to it, the most embarrassing public art since the Triforum in downtown L.A.


Gene Mendez


Dear Beachhead Collective,

Thanks for keeping the Beachhead alive and vibrant. Voice for Free Venice.


Steve Clare and Susan Millman

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