This is what commissioner Jack Wickett had to say about Venice, Venetians and the Vibe

“I want to thank everyone for their testimonies today. Often times when we have so many people testify it gets pretty repetitious for the Commissioners, and I just want to say that each one of you brought a different flavor and actually had something original to say. Congratulations to you on that. I don’t think you were organized very well, and if ever you did get organized, that would be pretty amazing. I live in Northern California, and I know when people come to visit me they always stop in Venice – and actually sitting here today, I’m beginning to see why.

This is not the first time I’ve heard “The Vibe of Venice,” I hear it from people coming to visit you from international destinations. Whatever your marketing department is doing, it is attracting people from all over the world.  Having said that, we are all about coastal access. When people come and visit from all over the world and stopping in their journeys in the Mecca of Venice, they are also hoping to visit the coast, and depending on the kind of person they are, they want to visit the coast at all times of day, so frankly I am disappointed with the current curfew on the beach. I am hoping that the new mayor of Los Angeles, your new City Council Person, the new City Attorney, will all appreciate what you really bring to the greater Los Angeles area, and what you provide to the world, really. The creativity that comes out of Venice to the entire planet is something quite remarkable. Some people here today have thrown out a few examples of the Doors emanating from here, but it’s so much more than that, it is regardless of it being famous or not. It’s just that.

We’re all about coastal access, though.”