Neighborhood Council/Town Council

Venice Vortex

By Krystle Shannon ( TreeGirl)

Step into the Venice Vortex
Make sure your shoes are laced
Cause you don’t wanna twist an ankle
In this spinning Vortex Space
Welcome to the Freakshow
To the trippy hippy beach
Here the drummers never stop
Nor the tapping of de feet
The girls they roll on skateboards
The boys they roll a blunt
‘N unless you wanna lose a toe
I wouldn’t do any of the stunts
Welcome to the Venice Vortex
Home of the Walking Trees
This colourful metropolis
A paint rash symptom Love Disease
Just remember on your plane home
You never truly leave
This boomerang bangin Vortex
Will have you returning, turning, turning
If only in your dreams.

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