Group Hug

By Lisa Green

Hello neighbors…. are you illustrating right relations with Earth and with others? If so that’s good stuff.  If not, well then seek counseling of a psychological and spiritual nature immediately. The recent boardwalk vehicular driver-hits-pedestrains incident is one of many incidents occurring from our collective psychological wounds. Yes, it is shocking when it hits home but each of us are embodied on this planet at this time to do spiritual work, and live right human relations. If you see the source of your troubles outside of yourself well that is a reflection of YOUR innerself. So, buy a mirror and get busy healing. Instead of going to city meetings micromanaging each other at the expense of us all, or tweaking with meth or your IPHONE, get back to basics. Get busy healing yourself. If you put your energy into living life fully interconnected with creation, actively participating, you will feel abundance, and a deep loving sense of purpose in your every fiber. Frankly, most humans are lacking a divine embassary with a holy vision.  Relax, relate, release your fears neighbors. Realize that I, and others are here to remind you that all is being revealed;  as examples of pure love and trust; and to guide, to nurture and to learn with you – humanity. TIME TO GROW UP. Yes, time to use more of your brain purposefully, and on an emotionally intelligent level.  I encourage those of you who are living right human relations to reveal those individuals that misuse power, using hate, jealousy, violence, etc. and hold them accountable in accordance with divine law. As well I also encourage each of us to pray for those that continue to act out in violence, in immature, and arrogant ways.

Why do I live in Venice? Because I love creation and I am an artist. Venice is ground zero for ARTful right human relations. Tune in or beware, mother nature does not have time left for her pupils to act out. Mother nature has given birth to you. The very least you can do is to want to live a loving experience. Get back to basics, be adult and stop blaming your mother for your emotional immaturity.

Personally speaking, when I returned from my stroll to buy food at the neighborhood market, I saw the aftermath. I heard from many as I walked over close by the wounded being attended to by emergency services personnel to say prayers and assist. I bear witness to the examples that much of the boardwalk community of unity, love, and compassion. What I have seen illustrated by the boardwalk family that is” plugged in” cannot be expressed by words, and do it justice. The World and the otherworlds know the true heart of the Venice boardwalk community. Come to our little piece of the galactic puzzle to check in for your spiritual work or to just share some laughs, some poetry and music, some street performance and a smile.