Dear Beachhead,

Thank you for your articles on our murals! The original 15c wash and the 5c dry mural was so famous that anyone who wanted to be anyone came to be filmed in front of it. Bobby Darren was there with his photographer to soak up the ‘hip vibes’ to assist in  changing his image. We thought the Fine Art Squad’s Venice in the Snow was gone, beautifully rendered in composition with the Squad and friends depicted as well as the Boardwalk Venetians in winter attire. Tragic that it is now unable to be seen, with a building erected inches away.  But here a tribute must be paid to those who bought the lot next to 15c wash and the 5c dry mural, art lovers who shaved one of the corners off the building so the mural could be seen from the street.  Where has such gentility gone?  We must resurrect it in Venice. Quickly.


Laura Shepard Townsend


Historic Preservation Architect Says: Restore the Column!

The historic Corinthian order column cap damaged by a tour bus is one of the most character defining features remaining of Abbott Kinney’s Piazza San Marco inspired Venice of America colonnades on Windward Ave. The column cap designed by Felix Peano, (Ref: Jeffery Stanton) should be reconstructed as soon as possible to reduce any further deterioration of the remainder of the column cap.

The tour bus company that hit the column is responsible to reconstruct it. That is why they carry property damage insurance. It is the City’s responsibility to make that claim and if they don’t, a private citizen or organization with the help of an attorney on a contingency can make the claim. Those columns belong to the citizens of Venice.

As far as originality goes, few restored historic buildings have all their original parts. Even the Statute of Liberty is reconstructed. The National Park Service that administers the Register of Historic Places, not only approves but encourages restoration and reconstruction of character defining features as a necessary long term process to give continued life to historic buildings. Hell, everything wears out if not restored.

We have lost so much of the original Venice of America, we all need to demand that what remains is protected, and when damaged repaired.

– John Ash, AIA,

Historic Preservation Architect

Dear John,

Thanks for your informative letter and your expert advice. The Beachhead would be delighted to work with you on pressuring the city of L.A. into filing the insurance claim needed to repair the column.

Please email us soon.

Many thanks,

Beachhead Collective

Damaged Column

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