Santa Monica Airport – Nelson Schwartz

Abbot Kinney hotel – Gene Mendez

“Art Tiles at Venice Beach, a Graphic History: 1904-2201” – Emily Winters

Marty Liboff’s poem – Suzanne Verdal


Dear Venice Beachhead,

My name is Nelson Schwartz. I live one block west of Lincoln in Venice.  The February Venice Beachhead has a letter from Bill Worden in support of the Santa Monica Airport. His letter is almost identical to the letter he sent to the Santa Monica Daily Press which was printed on November 15, 2013. That letter was entitled, “Santa Monica Airport poses no significant threat”.

As a Venice resident, I find it objectionable that the southbound planes that leave Santa Monica Airport turn left and fly directly over the block where I reside but the northbound planes turn right only after they reach the Pacific Ocean. This way, the rich white people who live north of Montana Ave in Santa Monica are not disturbed.

Nelson Schwartz


Dear Beachhead,

Hey Beachhead and fellow Venetians, Have you seen the pro-AK Hotel flier currently littering the neighborhood? It’s a hoot! Each of their responses to their own questions is more nebulous empty evasive nothingness than the one before. I figured they would have the chudspah to use such words as “philanthropic” and “for the benefit of the community.” Bingo! It states that they are “..committing to establishing a philanthropic program that will benefit the Venice community.”  Yeah, me too. Mr. Abrams, you’re fooling no one. Just call it what it is: a monument to  selfish egotistical greed at its capitalistic best. You want to shove this hotel down our throats and you want us to click on “like”? Your kind of philanthropy is killing the golden goose. How hard is that to understand?

Viva La Beachhead,

Gene Mendez


Dear Beachhead,

Thank you for the very entertaining book review of the Venice Arts Council book “Art Tiles at Venice Beach, a Graphic History: 1904 – 2001” by Eric Ahlberg. I would like to add that the reason for publishing this book is a fund raiser with the proceeds to keep the wonderful images of these unique tiles into perpetuity, and to repair and preserve the tiles and the benches that house them. The tiles are very sturdy but the cement structure of the benches is deteriorating. Three benches have been removed by Recreation and Parks (RAP) due to the benches deteriorating, four of the tiles are missing and two are saved encased in cement. The four missing tiles are being reproduced by the original artists, Noel Osheroff and Tamie Smith with a grant from the Venice Neighborhood Council. The soft cover books are available for $20 each. Your donation for this book will help to maintain this unique history of Venice. Books will be available in mid March at Small World Books and other local places to be announced. There will also be a series of book signings at local venues to be announced. Orders may also be placed by email: emilywinters@verizon.net.

Emily Winters


Dear Beachhead,

Kudos for Marty Liboff’s poem, the Venice Primer. He totally encapsulated the essence of Venice at this present time! I laughed so hard, almost to tears!

Thanks for printing it.

Suzanne Verdal

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