Endangered Species Mural, by Emily Winters

By Greta Cobar
Recently cleaned and restored Endangered Species mural by Emily Winters, long-time Venice resident and artist, and Chair of the Venice Arts Council. Originally painted in 1990 and restored in 2009, the mural illustrates how the misuse of technology can destroy the quality of our lives. The cleaning process was done by Social Public Art Resource Center with the help of a generous donation by local resident Patricia Greenfield, who wanted to have the mural cleaned for the May Garden and Home Tour. The mural was extremely dirty with sand, salt, old wax, remnants of tagging and general grime to the extent that some images could not be delineated. “Now it looks like brand new – the images emerged,” said Emily Winters. “I am appreciative of the partnership between SPARC, the Venice Arts Council, and the community working together to make it happen,” Winters told the Beachhead.

Endangered Species - by Carlos Rogel

Above: Endangered Species Mural, by Emily Winters. Photo: Carlos Rogel

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