A Song to Abbot Kinney’s Venice

Me and Polly
Are gonna ride the trolly
To the Venice pier.
Abbot Kinney will be there
At his magical fair
With Charlie Chaplin & Laurel & Hardy
There’s always a party
At the Venice pier.
On the canals of old Venice
We’ll ride a gondola
And eat a piece a pizza
With extra mozzarella
Near the Venice pier.
The roller coaster will be a thrill
Then eat pastrami with a dill
And a hotdog on a grill
On the Venice pier.
We’ll swim in the sea
And bathe in the bath house you & me
Then see fish in the aquarium
And dance in the auditorium
By the Venice pier.
On the Ferris wheel we’ll kiss
And the merry go-round we can’t miss
On the Venice pier.
We’ll ride the tiny train
And make love in the rain
Then take the tram
To the Ship Cafe for eggs & ham
Near the Venice pier.
All this is gone
It doesn’t seem so long
When me and Polly
Rode the trolly
To the Venice pier…

– Marty Liboff    c. 2010

Crowd on Venice Pier copy

Gondola copy

Rollercoaster on Venice Pier copy

Bathing in the ocean copy

Interior of Bath House copy

Ferris Wheel copy

Ship Cafe copy

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