Marty Liboff



The world is in a mess
Our survival is a guess.
Madmen & fanatics
Causing worldwide panics.
Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus
All kinds of coo coos.
Each say we are right
Believe us or we’ll fight.
Capitalism, socialism, communism
All sorts of schism.
Hard lined Republicans & Democrats
Closed minded little brats.
Beware demagogues taking away freedom
They think the people are dumb.
Political religions are just as wrong
So I sing love in my song.
So much hate, hate, hate
Let’s pray its not too late.
Its such a wonderful world we live in
Don’t ya remember killing is a sin.
One love, one heart, one humanity
Please stop this murdering insanity.
Stop war & open your heart
Kindness & compassion are a start.
Love & forgiveness are the way
Only love will save the day.

– Marty Liboff,  July 2014

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