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RIP: Carol Pomerantz (12/07/1933 – 6/10/2014

(To Carol Pomerantz, A Child of Flowers)
When My husband and I visited Carol in the hospital before she passed, she took our hands between her own and caressing them, shared with us the secrets of her hands.

Hands see
Faces in flowers, dreams in sunshine
Every day

Hands shape
Strangers into friends
One touch at a time

Hands dance, unafraid
Lose the self
Then find an old child inside
Claim it new

Hands sing
Softly so everyone can hear
A song of peace

Hands rock babies
From darkness
Into morning, aglow with light

Hands fold into prayers
We can forgive ourselves
What we cannot undo

Hands light candles
So bright they flame
Into memory

Hands are for loving
Like children who play
And dance and sing
Be happy, this is our holiness
Our gift to the world


Carol Pomerantz

I still look for your sunshine smile
On the Venice Ocean Front…
Carole sang her carols
And drew lovely pictures
Of birds, fairies and angels
Now you are an angel with rainbow wings…
Carole, you were the light of Venice –
Always a smile and a happy word
Even when you were sick
Pushing your walker
To the Levine Center
You still had a laugh
A song and a hello to all the babies…
Your healing touch
To the young & old
Even to my pooch…
An old but young soul
Still wearing your hippie beads
And colorful hippie clothes
Like when you sang and danced
In the 60s and 70s…
Old flower child
Filled with love
And kindness for all…
Gentle soul –
Love pouring out from you
Like the sun warming up the Venice Walk
Even on a freezing winter day…
Another old burning flame extinguished
Like another blazing sunset
On Venice beach…
The beachfront is much colder
With your passing –
Please beam some of your love and warmth
Down on us from above…

– Marty Liboff

Carol copy

                                                 Above, L to R: Carol Pomerantz, Fay Conn and Pauline “Sunshine” Slome, on OFW

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