Venice Artist Stephanie Visser…Still Standing and Thriving in the Venice Art Community

By Tina Lynch

Artist Stephanie Visser has submerged herself in the Venice Art World. Her studio is located in a shared artist warehouse on Vernon, which keeps her involved in the Venice arts community. “I find Venice an exciting and vibrant place to work,” said Visser. “I love the exposure to other artists and am inspired by what they are doing which often feeds my own process in a way I would never experience elsewhere.”

She has been involved in the Venice Art Block since it was first created in 2013. Visser has participated in three of the Art Block events and plans to be a part of the next one.

“I was pleased with the last event,” said Visser. “It was very well attended.  It brought out people that were really interested in the art and wanted to chat and understand what motivated the artists and how they actually did the work.  It’s a lot of work and very tiring to be there and participate for a whole day event, so when people seem invested in the process and enjoy the day, it makes it worth while.”

Visser also keeps her studio open for the Venice Art Walk. She continues, “It’s such a well known event that it brings out tons of people and it’s a mixed crowd bringing a diverse group together all in the name of art and doing something good for the community.”

In 2013, Visser had to deal with her own “life obstacle.” She was told she had cancer. “Absolutely the worst word one can ever hear, said Visser. “I dodged a bullet. Non-metastatic. Complete cure with surgery…final outcome…still to come. Last surgery, number 6, scheduled August 7.”

Through that life experience, Visser’s new work has become different from her previous paintings. She explained how she learned about each emotion. “Anger… is ultimately based on fear…that small inner voice that whispers that somehow we are responsible for where we are…what did I do to have this happen in my life…am I somehow at fault?…then we use anger to cover it up.  Happiness…something you might think would be very easy was a very difficult painting to do…a lot a stuff underneath the surface…finally at the end, covering the hurt, pain, guilt, sadness, fear….making a choice to be happy despite the stuff underneath.”

Visser’s paintings are on view at FABstudio, (2001 Main St., SM) Friday, August 1st – September 25th. (424) 744-8156;
Stephanie Visser

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