Civil Rights

Michael Brown

By Marty Noel

If someone from another country, or perhaps another planet, saw the televised images coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, this past month, they might think that they were watching war footage of Afghanistan, or perhaps Syria. Any place other than America, where of course we are reminded that such governmental domestic militarism cannot and does not exist. Yet, the “police riot” that the whole world has seen evolving on the streets of Ferguson is real! The senseless death of another young African American male, a young man who had no criminal record and was unarmed, was shot dead in the street and left to die like a dog, by another white male cop cannot be justified, no matter how the media chooses to cover it. While combat clad “riot cops” attempted to cover up their own crimes against humanity, by forcing down a news camera, while brutalizing onsite journalists whose only crime was to dutifully report the violation of and suspension of the rights of peaceful protesters. All taken together as one, this shows the perpetuation of a “police state” in America that has taken the madness of our ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and has brought them home to us, especially against African Americans and the poor who are brutalized in this “police state” the most. Whether the rest of us want to admit it to ourselves or not, the fullest ramifications of this now exposed state are still to be felt. However, beyond all of the socio, political after shocks and possible future shocks, of the events that transpired on a street in a place called Ferguson, Missouri, somewhere in the so-called “heartland of America” is this: a young man unarmed and innocent was murdered in cold blood by a police officer, and the rights of peaceful protesters and observers were violated under the cover of darkness for all of America and the world to witness.
What more can possibly be said?
What are we going to do about it?

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  1. Hello, I’ve lived on Venice Beach for 10 years on the Boardwalk, first in an apartment then after yet another genocide eviction, on the streets for a few years then St. Joseph’s put me in a Section 8 apartment way down in San Pedro…so I have to commute….Young people and wealthier one’s with lot’s of money took over most of the buildings and they increased the rents for a while, but they are leaving…they are subleasing….they were dreaming in 2009, 2010 of living at the beach, many many properties suddenly changed hands on those years…I checked some real estate records, and it’s not coming to the community of their dreams. At the height of glory, when all the police were putting everyone they could in jail and taking their vans and motorhomes away, Fukushima blew up, 3/11/2011. The sellers of multi-million dollar buildings must have known and got out and sold out ahead of time, like they did on 9/11/2001. You can see this truth on the Fukushima BeautifulGirlByDana videos on youtube or the No one seemed to believe it and the beach life continued….little by little the radiation and chem trails, bioaccumulated and hardly anybody knows how to measure all the isotopes, or know what they do to you in low dose build up over time. The past summers since then got hotter than ever and not for a 2 week hot spell like usual but from March until November it may be too hot if you live on the top floor, or walk the streets…or have no ac in your car…. way too hot….the cops were hired to bully and the issues raged on, there are beatings all the time by cops or other’s fighting, but in the middle of it, nearly every bird on the west coast DIED…there is a small fraction of what there used to be, very small, it’s nearly extinct….I went out to count, birds and things in the water….anyone who has lived in Venice knows what the flocks of hundreds of birds at any given moment looked like…and grunion….now if you see a few birds they are at Big Daddy’s looking for bread. Anyone researching knows how many species of fish have died off in the Pacific….sardines, dolphins, “vellella, vellella’ pelicans, sea gulls, pigeons, jellyfish, lobsters, mussels, sea lions, and thousands of other species…why don’t you go out on the pilings at the dock and look for the sting rays, the little crabs, the hundreds of little birds, and sea gulls and pigeons, and sea anenome? In 2013-2014 they nearly all died off. I guess Venice Beach is only about human rights now, while they fight they ignore the wildlife, they are not awake and aware and working together to use the boardwalk to spread the truth to the world…….but without any wildlife, I see no way for a beach to continue, this is absurd guys, there’s no fishing, who is finding any fish? There aren’t that many tables full at San Pedro Fish Market, the fishing boats hardly go out compared to all gone most of the days and the bathrooms are permanently closed that the boaters use. There’s not many birds at Cabrillo or Long Beach either….LOOK OVER HERE! I SEE A BIRD! YES!, I CAN COUNT 10 OF THEM ON THE WHOLE BEACH! WHERE ARE THE FLOCKS THOUGH??? The thousands daily I used to see sailing in the wind, squawking, screeching, walking all over the sand? And do you really see 10 birds on the beach anymore? The 10 I saw were at Big Daddy’s…. Just scattered loner birds….I watched the fast young drivers kill the ducks by accident with their cars…..animals are very rare now…it was so sad, the remaining ducks sat there for days, they came back to sit and pay homage where their family members were killed…and more than once…I watched squirrels and raccoons drop dead, in 2013 and some birds too, I began to see too many dead birds on the sidewalk in Venice….a year later there weren’t any left but a handful….but I had moved….they seem to die off gradually….You think they all flew north? The heat? No, they don’t get bugs on their windshields in Canada anymore. I don’t even have a conclusion….but there are a whole lot of photos online of what the birds at Venice used to look like if anyone wants to study this or has dementia. yours truly, valerie brooks