Civil Rights

“Homeless Bill of Rights’ Right to Rest Bill” Seeks to Enact State Protections

All people should be permitted to occupy and utilize public spaces, regardless of their housing status. Further- more, some civil and human rights that are amply protected for people who have a home, have not been defined and applied in a way to equally protect people who do not have a home. The “#HBOR Right to Rest” aims to redress this by protecting the essential right to rest of all people, regardless of their housing status. It further aims to prohibit discrimina- tion, harassment or fear of arrest of those who have no place to rest except in a public space.
Specifically it will establish that all people have the right to:
• Use, and move freely in, public spaces, without discrimina- tion and without a time-limit that discriminates based on housing status.
• To rest in public spaces and protect oneself from the ele- ments, in a non-obstructive manner.
• To eat, share, accept, or give food in any public space in which having food is not prohibited.
• To pray, meditate, worship, or practice religion in public spaces, without discrimination.
• To occupy a motor vehicle for any purpose, provided that the vehicle is legally parked on public property or parked on private property with permission.
For More Information about the Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign or this Bill:
Western Regional Advocacy Project (415) 621-2533