Fly Away – By Mary Getlein
Manifestation – By Ron McKinley
…And When We Danced, The World Stood Still… – By Johnathan Leonard Mills
The Map of Your Hunger – By B. Meade
Scar – Can You See the Scar? – By Marty Noel-Nivoli
Roger Houston
Trick or Treat – I Touched You Now Ya Got Ebola Too! – By Marty Liboff – Halloween 2014

Fly Away

I am a Native American mother
hiding up in the hills
looking down at the pale white men
who want to steal my children
I hold my children to my breast
unable to know what to do except hide
these white people with their puny religion
my religion is tied to the sun
the air the earth the sky the fire the water
we are part of the planet
raised in the dirt, with sky over our heads
we live, we breathe, we move with the seasons
we keep moving to get away from the puny whites
so easy to kill
we don’t want to kill, but they will kill us
stealing our children
our ways, the way we stand strongly
not against the wind but with the wind
we don’t smile for no reason, like the whites
they lie on paper and lie to each other
we keep on moving –
time to get away
time to turn into a bird
and fly away

– Mary Getlein
By Ron McKinley

Voiced and concerned
A connection and then some
Vexed by ego
Placed by vision
Movement untimed
Lived not observed
All is the same
Or would seem
The snap of muse
The rush
Float now
Forever hold your dream
Reason is but a part
A flexible life stream
Pulsed by being
The part of feeling not knowing
Some things are drawn to you
Music does this
Informs and heals
More than what you are
Whatever that is
Little by little my cells fall from me
And more are born
The curve
The slide
Coiling and bending
Out into infinity
Or what I think
Existence the gift that keeps on giving
…And When We Danced,
The World Stood Still…
By: Johnathan Leonard Mills

And when our eyes met,

We became as one,

And your beauty cast forth,

The scent of your love.

It eluded me at first,

And then it came…

Flailing from the air.

It encompassed
My mind and body,

As your tenderness embraced me.

Your love entranced me,

As you kissed me,

Gently behind the ear.

And the warmth of your love enraptured me,

As the bonds of your body caressed me,

And we danced,

And we danced,

While the world stood still.
The Map of Your Hunger

i know by heart
the map of your hunger
with whip
Fashioned from Scorpion tails
i have Lashed you
to Frenzy
in neon shadowed
Motel Rooms
high on Mushrooms
and Jack
the Lunar Paleness
of your skin
A Perfect Gesso
For the cadmium Red
you so desired

– B. Meade
Can You See the Scar?

By Marty Noel-Nivoli

Innocence died
In the eyes of a child
As he watched the men
In camouflage carry
His father away
To an unmarked grave.
But, personality survived
In the child
From child to manchild fighter
Trying to be brave
In another way.
Flashing forward
He feels obsession
Drowning the best of his soul
In the chaos of voices.
Violence pursues his every prayer
Like the passage of some death song
From a temple of ashes.

Oh, say can you
Can you see the scar
In his heart that haunts him?
The scar of genuflection
We have sown.
Oh, say can you
Can you see the scar
In a mind we have tortured?
Through a hole that leads to you
Can you see the scar, oh, can you see?
Essence dies
In an old man’s eyes
As he watches the chains
That rattle at the wrists
Of his scarlinned hands.

We are marching to Utopia!
And join our marching.
Down a blood soaked road
We call our own Utopia
Join us

In the name of
12:44 Tuesday, November 11th, 2008, Meter #1925, Ocean Avenue ….. A day of
rest. Repose. Apparently. This is a day for us to all breathe free. A day for
veterans. Living and dead. And whether banners fly. Blue, white and red. All
veterans are honored. Those who fought. Defeat or victory? Freedom was bought
With oceans of your blood. Extremities Dismembered. Bodies broken. Casualties.
The tortured prisoners. History taught. That it is right to honor. Thanks. A
lot. For pouring your full measure. What you did. Is its own monument. And so.
Instead. Of long parades. And fireworks. We’re free. To loaf. To stretch. And
yawn. To simply be ….. Roger Houston
Trick or Treat-I Touched You
Now Ya Got Ebola Too!
By-Marty Liboff- Halloween 2014

Ebola, stinkola, crapola
smells in da snozzola!
They control the news
while the world is ruined by cuckoos!
Controllin your mind
it stinks from the behind!
TV news is all propaganda & lies
distractions while women & children dies.
Our news only wants to entertain & scare
while drones, missiles & jets are bombing everywhere!
Children starvin yet all we hear is football
and new movies & TV for fall.
Crops are failin
the weather is a changin.
Killing & enslaving
the pollution is appalling.
People without rights
everywhere there’s fights.
Raciest Whites don’t want Black Africans here
keep em out with an Ebola scare.
Freedom & liberty is lost
A-bombs gonna cause a holocaust.
Love has gone
the earth may be done.
Yet all we hear
is the fear-
Ebola, stinkola, crapola
smells in the snozzola…

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