RIP: Sunshine Baker

Sunshine Baker was run over by a car while bike riding on South Venice Blvd., just East of Speedway. She was 39 years old. The tragic accident happened at 5:10pm on November 27, Thanksgiving day. The car was making a left turn from Speedway onto S. Venice and Sunshine was riding against traffic. It was reported that she fell off her bike before getting hit, but that is an un-provable speculation. As always, the victim is not able to give her side of the story.
Robert Munoz, the driver who ran over Sunshine, is a tourist visiting from Spain. His car dragged Sunshine for ten feet before stopping. The firefighters found Sunshine stuck under the wheel well of the car and she was not breathing when dislodged. She was transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Munoz was not charged or arrested because Sunshine was riding the wrong way. However, if he would have made a full stop at Speedway, before turning onto S. Venice, he would have seen her. It was reported that she did not have a light on the bike, but on November 27 at 5:10pm it was not dark outside yet.

Sunshine - By AC Kane - Send Me a Penny Thanksgiving

Above: Sunshine Baker at the Send Me A Penny Thanksgiving meal, November 27 – day she was killed

Photo: AC Kane

Above: Ghost bike memorial for Sunshine, S. Venice and Speedway

Photo: Ray Rae

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