400th Edition Song: The Old Beachhead

The Old Beachhead

Words and Music: Sam Clay
Additional Lyrics: Suzy Williams
Arrangement: Brad Kay

1st verse
In this life we suffer the slings and arrows,
While corruption and injustice may block our way.
That’s been our strife since before the kings and
When questioned what to do, here is what we say…

2nd verse
Nineteen-sixty-eight was a time of turmoil
When John Haag and some Venice free spirits said:
“We’ll build a people’s paper upon this soil!“
Voila! Chee-wah-wah! The Free Beachead!

3rd verse
Come meet the collective and get to know ‘em
The artists, visionaries and scribes
Rally round the paper that is a poem
And help preserve these fantastical Venice vibes!

Four hundred times we’ve fought the fights
And we’re not giving up yet.
Four hundred times we’ve read our rights
The people won’t forget
We’ve staked our claim
On the sandy plain
Dug in at the water’s edge…
We rally around the old Beachhead
We rally
We rally
We rally around the old Beachhead!

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