Albert West the Elder
Aura Goldburg
Dear Beachhead,

Just let my donation be anonymous. Please send my copy to a prisoner in jail – I can easily score my copy on the street. Keep up the great work you do!

– Anonymous
Who do you pretenders think you are, anyway? Probably just a bunch of losers that inherited a shack in the ‘hood from your mothers when she croaked back in ’82 when average home prices in Venice  were just 3o,ooo bucks! Besides, Abbott Kinney borrowed the money to build Venice from gangsters! Please stop jerking everyone off with all your liberal & pretentious bullshit about Venice! Homeless motherfuckers will respect you more!

– Albert West the Elder
Dear Beachhead,

I am concerned with some of the motions passed by the Venice Neighborhood Council at the February 17 meeting. First, the mechanical car lifts in Venice are nothing but an ugly joke, as they will supply only 30 additional parking spaces for the up to 100,000 visitors who come to Venice on a busy day. The car lifts will provide expensive parking to very few while being an eyesore and providing noise pollution to many, many others.
Another concern that I have is over the proposed widening and illumination of the bike path. As someone who rides on that path on a daily basis and considers it to be the best thing about Venice, I am not excited about finding another route while construction is taking place – which could last many, many months. Making the bike path unavailable for any amount of time would be a major inconvenience for residents and tourists alike. Going from Venice to Santa Monica without using the bike path would all of a sudden become a very dangerous affair.
I also don’t see widening it as a solution to any of our problems. Yes, on the weekends people who ride it for the first time (or who ride for the first time!) are a danger to us all. However, we are stuck with them, and a wider path would not lessen the danger they pose. It comes down to riding smart and paying attention. Those of us who ride daily know this very well. However, here comes Shelly Gomez, been in Venice two years, never seen her on a bike. And she decided to introduce a motion before the VNC to widen the bike path!
It’s unfortunate when our grassroot representatives do not represent our community. Someone like Shelly Gomez, who is not familiar with the bike path, should not take a stand on this particular issue.
Aura Goldburg

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