Abbot Kinney Blvd.

POWER Press Release

Tami Pardee, realtor of the 1%, for the past ten years has been “Taking Away” from our Venice Community.  “Taking Away” our affordable housing.  “Taking Away” our culture and history.  “Taking Away” the very character of this unique community, while throwing away the very people of Venice, who make Venice a place worth living.  Tami Pardee, has been involved at every stage of the destruction of Venice, from the buying, to the demolition, to the out of scale development, to the selling of our community to the richest of the rich and that ain’t right
The people of Venice are fed up with the evictions that are gutting our community.  Tami Pardee says that she gives back to the community, but we know the only way she is able to sell properties for such a high price is by forcing existing tenants to leave their housing.  Forced evictions are part of the business plan to make more profit.
For every development project, there is a Prospectus made to show to the investors just how much profit can be made by evicting existing tenants from their affordable housing units.  The proof is there and we want to see it.
So we’re here today to present Tami Pardee with her Eviction Notice.  We want Tami Pardee to open up her books and let us see the Prospectus or Quit Venice.
Today, we are here representing tenants from multiple properties that Tami Pardee has helped to evict (416-424 Grand Blvd.), is in the process of evicting (2505 Oakwood Ave.), and has harassed into moving (35 Clubhouse Ave.).  This needs to stop.  Tami Pardee and the realtors like her need to be held accountable and this is the first step.

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