New Bike Racks on OFW

What Venetians had to say about the new bike racks:

“Who makes these awful decisions?”

“So depressing, like a final blow to Venice, so Santa Monica Promenade/Disneyland, barf.”

“So ugly – in an artist community.”

“How much did this cost?”

“Car drove down OFW day after all new bike racks and bollards were installed.”

“In a real emergency, help won’t be able to get through – unless they knock over the bike racks.”
new bike racks

Above: New bike racks installed on OFW to prevent cars from entering. If a car hit one of those bike racks even slightly, it would knock it over.

Photo: Greta Cobar

bike rack5Bike racks that look like tombstones installed on walk streets. When in use, they block access, especially for a person with a disability, which is an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) violation.

Photo: Greta Cobar


More useless, new yellow bollards installed off OFW. WHY?

Photo: Greta Cobar

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