Thug Beats Houseless Man.

I am reposting this from Nextdoor – Oakwood. Sweet houseless man and his dog were violently attacked (unconscious) and robbed. Please read this post and help locate his stolen goods, or attacker if you can. If you have any info please contact Jessica. Her details are in the post. Thank you.——————
Hi all….a homeless man named Jeff and his dog, Cricket, were attacked behind our house on Norfolk Street this week. The attacker told Jeff “he was going to get rid of him” and that “he had no business being there”. Jeff was beaten unconscious and everything he had was stolen. This includes a bike with a back red hitched trailer (flag on it), tent, and all his personal belongings. He and Cricket have temp housing, he just got a social and has a caseworker helping to obtain more permanent, stable housing. Can everyone please be on the lookout for his things but more importantly his attacker who is still at large —- Jeff described him as Male Latino with shoulder length hair and a goatee. He will also have a finger injury as Jeff chewed on his finger in defense (and the attacker lost blood)…..Please contact me at jescarlsen11@gmail.com, 347-528-1743 if you have info on these inquiries or resources to help him further as he trusts us (myself and Ben Bela Boom)…or call the police….(an approximate picture of trailer attached)….Jeff is a sweet guy trying to move his life forward and did nothing to deserve this brutal attack.
Much love, Jessica and Ben

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