Venice Books

Venice California: “Coney Island of the Pacific”, by Jeffrey Stanton (1993 & 2005)

Death is a Lonely Business, by Ray Bradbury (1985). The famous writer brings his descriptive powers to a novel set in Venice circa late 1940s

If The Dead Had Email, by Jim Smith (2011). Available at Beyond Baroque and Amazon.

Hour of the Moon, by Hillary Kaye (2009). Available at Beyond Baroque.

The Holy Barbarians, by Lawrence Lipton (1959). Chronicle of the Beat Generation in Venice.

Venice West: The Beat Generation in Southern California, by John Arthur Maynard (1993)

Beats, Hipsters, and California Cool: Essays on the Literary Life,Writing, and Other Trifles by Penny Skillman.  A Memoir.  Amazon Kindle Edition

Memoirs of a Nun on Fire, by Philomene Long (2001). Available at

The Collected Poems of Philomene Long (2010). Available at

The Selected Poems and Prose of John Thomas (2011). Available at

Voices of the Lady: Collected Poems of Stuart Z. Perkoff (1998). Available at Beyond Baroque.

The Kid in America, by Tony Scibella (available at Beyond Baroque)

Frank T. Rios:

• Love From The Darkside (1994)

• The Long Way Home

• She And Everything Else That Holds It Together (2004)

Clair Horner:

• Please Don’t Tread On The Bread (1969)

• Please Don’t Sit On The Left-Overs (1965)

• Please Don’t Stumble Over The Brunch (on your way to lunch)

• Please Don’t Step on the Bacon

• Please Don’t Step on the Eggs Either (1964)

Bruno in Venice West & Other Poems, by Lawrence Lipton – Venice West Publishers (1976)

Venice of America: The American Dream Come True, by Sweet William (1976)

Call Someplace Paradise (2000) and Ghost Town (2004), by Pat Hartman. Venice in the late 70s, early 80s. Also available online at Xlibris (includes more information about the book).

Venice California, by Carolyn Elayne Alexander (2004). Pictorial history of Venice.

Homeless in Paradise, by William G. O’Connell (2010)

Arthur L. Reese, “The Wizard of Venice”, by Sonya Reese Davis with Jewell Lupoma.

Venice, California: An Urban Fantasy, by Horst Schmidt-Brummer (1973)

Number Our Days, by Barbara Myerhoff – Simon and Schuster (1978)

windowlight, by ann nietzke (1981)

The Circle Bar And Grill, by Joseph P. Farnan (2003)

North Beach 90291, by Rich Mann(1983)

A Sea Shore Memoir, by maryjane (2005)

Fantasy by the Sea, by Tom Moran & Tom Sewell (1979)

The Colorful History of Venice, California Coloring Book, by Emily Winters and S.E. Mendelson (1978)

Venice Thru the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, by Bob Farrington

A History of the Venice Area – Dept. of City Planning, Los Angeles (1969)

100+ Year History of the Japanese American Community of Venice, by Perry Miyake Jr., with Tiffany Yoshikawa Sato & Alexa Giffen – Published by the Venice japanese Community Center (2010)

The Lure of a Land by the Sea – Venice Vignettes, by Delores Hanney (2012)

Venice, California – A Centennial Commemorative in Postcards, by Delores Hanney (2005)

Venice – A Contested Bohemia, by Andrew Deener (2012)

Venice Beach Heart and Soul, by Rich Wysockey (2008)

Cottages in the Sun: Bungalows of Venice, California, by Margaret Bach and Melba Levick (2010)

Venice Beach, by Claudio Edinger (1985)

Venice, CA: Art and Architecture in a Maveric Community, by Michael Webb and Juergen Nogai (2007)

Venice Beach: California Carnivale, by Helen Kolikow Garber (2005)

Venice, CA – A City State of Mind, by John O’Kane (2013)

Art Tiles at Venice Beach – A Graphic History: 1904 – 2001, by Noel Osheroff, Tamie Smith, and the Venice Arts Council

The Witches of Windward Circle.

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