Millie Mimms has Passed Away

MillieMimsMillie Mims has passed away.
Brian Connolly: When I was homeless on the streets of Venice Beach there was one woman who fed the poor along the ocean who was a very special person. Her name was Millie. No matter what the problem was, Millie would solve it. She was one of the “true” people you meet only a few times in your life. She is greatly missed.

You can read more about Millie here:
Monica Ramone: She was a wonderful woman and fed needy people on the boardwalk every day! Lets keep her vision alive!! PLEASE volunteer, give your food dona-tions and get businesses involved in feeding people in #VeniceBeach #OccupyVeniceBeach and #DharmaKitch-en . Donate your time or food, get your business or local restaurants involved – every bit helps! Blessings to Millie
MILLIE MIMS-Angel of Venice
by M.Liboff
Millie had a great soul
everyday she fed the homeless soup & a roll.
She gave all her time & money
feeding the hungry when it was rainy or sunny.
She made peace with people of every religion
kindness to cats & dogs and even a pigeon.
Hare Krishna sings her a song
not even a bug did she do wrong.
Now angels sing of her love
now she watches over us from above…

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