Bonin’s Plan for Ice Rink on Venice Beach is Back! Again!

Water is life; water is sacred.
by Lydia PonceVBIceRink
CD11 Representative Bonin refuses to cease and simply give up the excessive and arrogant idea to put an ice skating rink at the Ocean Front Walk and Winward Ave. This proposed project was denied a permit twice at the California Coastal Commission. (CCC) First denial- last year and it was placed on the agenda one month later. Typically these ‘reconsiderations’ take a few months to be agendized.
The ice skating rink was denied upon reconsideration. Twice Bonin’s Ice Skating Project was denied at the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) meetings, yes, the second denial was, can you guess? It was a reconsideration.
We are in a water crisis. California’s severe drought is shared across the country. Water shortage is a global issue. Who are we to take the water that comes from Northern California to use it recreationally in this excessive heat as we see our climate has changed. We are all reducing our water use and conserving water. Are we saving water for recreational use?
At September’s Pacific Palisades Neighborhood Council meeting (501.c3) Bonin shared in his report to the public he is campaigning to open the Homeless Shelter earlier than usual as El Niño will bring storms. He wants people to have shelter. Interestingly enough, when Maria Bravo asked, “Why are you continuing plans for ice skating rink at Ocean Front Walk if it’s been defeated 4 times by the public?” Bonin replied he thinks it’s a good idea. If it’s a mistake it’s his to make. The Ocean Front Walk needs more family friendly activities events because it’s dangerous and no one goes down there.
El Niño is the reason provided by CD11 Rep Bonin to move people out, back and forth, to and from the Ocean Front Walk in October for shelter. The timing is impeccable, the Council District 11 plans for Winter Wonderland are for November. This family friendly seasonal event is offered at a $30 ticket price. At the time this article was written the price of the ice skating rink was not known. However, if there are this huge storms coming, how will anyone best utilize the ice skating rink? How is this ice rink kept frozen with our continued heat waves? CD11 conserving energy? Got water?
El Niño is on the weather map. We must prepare to care for one another now; we must care for those in need of water now. We must conserve and share what we have with the unhoused people and others on fixed incomes. We must secure water in case of an emergency.
Please send letters or call the California Coastal Commission: South Coast District Office 200 Oceangate, Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 590-5071 (562) 590-5084 for Los Angeles & Orange County
Please Email: California Coastal Commission
Zach Rehm:
Chuck Posner:
Jack Ainsworth:
Please add to your email, please include Idle No More Los Angeles and Idle No More Venice :
Please consider attending and speaking at the next Coastal Commission meeting held in Long Beach on Tuesday October 6th; Wednesday, October 7th; Thursday, October 8th, and Friday, October 9th; yes four meeting dates! This proposed ice skating rink is not on the agenda!!! What is going on? Please attend the meeting any date – 9:am sharp to speak at the public comment or send and email!
Here is the CCC agenda:
We, Idle No More Venice, will continue to have water ceremonies; we can put our words, our hearts, and our prayers to Creator in a good way and with greater purpose. Look for Facebook events or announcements via grassroots.
Contact: or 323-543-5997

Water is life; water is sacred.

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