Demolitions East of Lincoln Continue

img_8346by Anthony Castillo
While most of the attention given to gentrification here at the Beachhead is given to what’s happening west of Lincoln Blvd., we should not ignore Venice east of Lincoln. Gentrification continues seemingly unabated there as well. This despite the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance, which was supposed to stop Mansionization east of Lincoln. One hot spot for continued demolitions is the area between Lincoln and Walgrove on Palms. With the densest concentration of demolitions and new construction on Palms being between Penmar and Walgrove. In only a three block area this narrow little street is changing on an almost monthly basis with this seemingly nonstop “development.”
The photos of the four latest over sized dwellings under construction and empty lot (awaiting who knows what), do not include the recently completed over sized homes/B.U.B.s that have been completed earlier this year and the previous year. With each new box home there is less yard space, less sun light for the older Venice properties that choose to remain as is, and more congestion. Not to mention the elimination of the community that once made Venice, Venice.
Most of the folks that read the Beachhead are aware of the chronic gentrification going unchecked here in Venice. It seems that only the folks doing the gentrification and those who profit from it are unaware or don’t care about it. Folks such as the architects, developers, realtors, our City Councilman Mike Bonin, and Eric Garcetti, in fact cheer lead the continued destruction of Venice. The struggle continues.