Anthony Castillo

The Beachhead Needs You… Now!

by Anthony Castillo

Rally Round The Old Beachhead!

Rally Round The Old Beachhead!

Some of you out there in Venice land may be under the impression that the Free Venice Beachhead has a large staff capable of covering all the happenings in Venice, from the VNC, to the LAPD, to Mike Bonin’s high jinx, to the Coastal Commission, as well as the juggernaut of hyper gentrification. Some folks I’ve met at community events have even asked me where the Beachhead office is located. News flash, there is no such thing as a Beachhead office! This is the most bare bones operation imaginable. We make KPFK look like KNBC. This is where you, the concerned Free Venice Beachhead readers come in.
Have you ever wanted to be a Cub Reporter? Do you a want to be investigative journalist? Or do you just have a story to tell, for which you need a forum to get on your soap box and tell to a captive audience? Well brothers and sisters here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. The Beachhead has stories ready and waiting for the writing. We’re talking juicy stories of LAPD harassment, land grabs and political corruption that the small, over worked Beachhead staff just does not have the time to get to, but are in need of coverage. Anyone in Venice can submit content to the Beachhead via Those who have been to Venice or lived here in the past and have a Venice centrist story can also submit content. Better yet, if you live here in Venice and really want to support your favorite radical rag, seriously consider joining the Beachhead collective. Especially you younger millennial types. After all, you are the future of Venice.
Maybe writing isn’t your thing. I can relate to that. After all I’m not the most prolific writer this publication has ever seen. You can still help us out in a BIG way. Do you have a bike with a large basket, and some time one day a week during the day? If so, the Beachhead is in dire need of a reliable, committed, dependable person to help with distribution on Ocean Front Walk. My main task with the Beachhead is distribution, and I can tell you after doing it for a while now, it can be fun. You get to know folks you haven’t known prior to putting out the paper and it can really give you a sense of accomplishment on a weekly basis. Please contact us via the email or our voicemail (310) 281-6935 if this sounds like something you could do. It really isn’t hard to do at all, and it is just as important as writing an article.
I’ve said this in past articles I’ve done, the Beachhead is your paper Venice, be a part of it, make it better. You can only do this if you participate. If you can only become a sustainer or take out an ad please do so. Those are the financial life blood of the Beachhead. While we always need financial help, right now we need a bit more than just that. The Free Venice Beachhead needs you to answer the call!

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