Yuan Changming – Poetry

[thirty-eight word idioms]

No belief without a lie
No business without sin
No character without an act
No coffee without a fee
No courage without rage
No culture without a cult
No entrance without a trance
No epicenter without an epic
No Europe without a rope
No freedom without a reed
No friendship without an end
No fundamentalism without mental fun
No heritage without a tag
No glove without love
No ghost without a host
No groom without a room
No infancy without fancy
No life without if
No malady without a lady
No manifestation without man
No mason without a son
No millionaire without a lion
No nirvana without a van
No passage without a sage
No pharmacy without harm
No plant without a plan
No prevention without an event
No product without a duct
No recovery without something over
No restaurant without rest or rant
No sight without a sigh
No slaughter without laughter
No splurge without urge
No spring without a ring
No substance without a stance
No think without ink
No truth without a rut

– Yuan Changming

[you have a dream]

You will be sad to depart from us tomorrow
At an antlike moment in the smallest space Where you will become used to singing aloud With a throat wider than your belly, the song

Of a frog with only qne tone and one pitch
A song about your dream flowing with leeches In a ricefield. Yes, you will have a loud dream! You will dream of humans who will no longer

Try to catch you, skin you off, barbecue you Or eat you alive as they do with their own Species; you will dream of jumping
As high as summer stars, and as rapid

As winter winds. You will dream of Equality, equilibrium and equanimity
Yes, thank his Song, thank God Almighty From human catch you will be free at last!

– Yuan Changming


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