Venice LOVE Report: Gentrifuckation

Gentrifuckation, An Overview:JonWolff_jan2016_2gs 001

The last beachside community of color in the State of California. Yeah, whom are we going to charge for their crimes? It is a well known fact in town, the Venice Wrecking Ball Gang, who demo people’s dreams and enjoyment of our neighborhood would be so quick to utilize their privilege to take whatever the fuck they want and do as they will. They work around the loopholes that exist, laws written to amuse a few with the audacity to say they love Venice. They love Venice all the way to the bank while waiting for the original families to fold under pressure of necessity, to send children to college or university. Depressed and suffering from ptsd of the violence that demolition brings. Public trust is broken and we have the City Planning Department to the developers, architects and realtors to blame.

Here is the 90291 news in review:

* Venice Love Group: Depending on who you ask there are variations of who did what, down to high school drama amongst women who were attempting to work together, but could not find middle ground. It was more like, ’do as I say and not as I do.’ The few women who did not check their privilege but did have the time and money to generate some great organizing. That came at a price of dividing the group with a decision to support Bruce Horowitz, who charmed a few with his new 425 Rose project; he charmed them with drinks and perhaps some appetizers.

*La Fiesta Brava – moving to their new location, the former Sauce Hampton **** after the family removed the knives from their backs. The continued attempts to redeem herself, the former child actress, as flail, faint and weak of spirit to the letter of the law of truth. Self described herself as the ‘great manipulator…’ She represents the fakery business of overpriced organic food eateries. Her namas-take for the millisecond millennials, they will be quick to snitch, snatch, and grab the opportunity to rob this faux organizer’s promise of a bright future in Venice. Karma is a bitch and much younger than the great manipulator.

*Ice Skating Rink – we’re in a freaking drought! This permit should have been titled, ”Permanent Lighting with two months of Ice Skating at Ocean Front Walk, Windward Circle.” This application was approved last month at the California Coastal Commission. What’s that? Wasn’t it twice denied by the Venice Neighborhood Council and twice at California Coastal Commission( CCC)? The CCC read letters of support that CD11 employees collected from big name government representatives, heck, who knew they all wanted the Ice Rink, too? This is all about the permanent lights on the Ocean Front Walk and anyone telling you any different is part of the problem. They are looking to displace unhoused even further from their community. The best indicator of the inhumane treatment of the unhoused is reading how the city will, ‘combat the homelessness’ Combat?

Check out this website from the previous plan for an Ice Rink by CD 11 in 2014-2015, could there be private use of the public beach?

Let’s continue:

*Gang Injunction: Laws written to make it a crime to be our beautiful black and brown selves. Power to the People! Do you think you can be an accomplice to support justice, just us? In response to these bullshit papers, we recommend these two articles:
View at

*Tickets for Youth: The continued harassment of the youth, yes, amazingly the descendants of their ancestors, both black and brown minor youth are being ticketed for not having helmets while riding bikes and skateboards. These tickets are distributed as the POC watch others bicyclists and kooks, the Dogtown wannabes, fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. Proving that the laws are only enforced for those with dark melanin.

*Bus line – expect the closure on 2/21/16,part of the route is being cut. A few environmentally conscious friends and community ride the bus by necessity. This year’s Venice Green Ride Award goes to Mike Chamness. This dude is a stand up guy as he rides from one side of town to DTLA, City of Angels to work- five days a week. However the Number 1Bus Route is being cut back and reduced. Go figure, the gajillionaires who paid millions for their homes do not want their windows shaking with the BIGBlue Bus driving by. Call 310-451-5444 or here’s their website, Let the BIGBlue Meanies – tell the admin and let the board know that our students ride this bus to Mark Twain and Venice High School. We have elders who ride to Venice Family Clinic for their appointments and some tourists enjoy ride public transit and not Uber. What are these BIG Blue Meanies thinking?

*The Chancla Award – Who can’t deliver Venice Beach quick enough to the SiliCON Tech Investors? How is that SnapChat purchases entire blocks in Venice and operate illegal offices? Snippety Snap converts the residential units to commercial and yes, it’s true. Who is telling them, with a wink, they can do whatever the fuck they want? Tis the season to re-elect or unseat our CD11 Rep; this month’s Chancla Award goes to #onetermBonin.