Dear Dr. Karma

Let Dr. Karma help you on your path. He knows nothing.schongauer

Dear Dr. Karma
I have taken to bouncing around the house and often rant on without finishing a sentence but my you tube videos of this are becoming popular. Why? Why? Why?
– Bipolar in Venice

– Dear Bipolar in Venice
As a Gemini I can appreciate your self-love and self-loathing, it is the eternal dance, the dynamo around which we spin thru the dark and thru the light. About your video, if you desire opera, go deeper into love, and the fall. Humble suggestions: add deeper longer notes, using deeper breaths, all feeling. Go Banshee, wailing is a well established method of channeling inner demons. If you do it right the neighbors will call the cops. Under Freeways is good. Mountaintops during Santa Ana Winds can work. Howling at the Moon with the Coyotes is also special.  Quiet tunnels are really good, but they have been walled off to prevent the houseless from camping. (i.e., at Venice BL and Strongs Dr.) It’s your pain, embrace it.


Being an artist is not easy.  Send your creative problems to Dr. Karma (addressed to

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