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In an astounding feat of government and business cooperation, housing is being provided for all homeless people by the Southern California Real Estate Association. “Our business has been exploiting the Real Estate Market for decades, it’s time we paid something back.” said SCRCA spokeman Sly Shpiel. Homeless people are advised to go to any Real Estate Office or stop any Realtor on the street and ask for their housing. Funds for this program come from Federal Fines against Big Banks and consent agreement settlements of class action suit on banks, the Real Estate Trusts, and Realtors. Monster Mansions and Ghost Mansions which were largely purchased by money launderers for the drug cartels, and fugitive capital, have been confiscated and turned into public housing.

“We are so happy we have found a way to do the right thing and solve this terrible problem. “ said local Realtor Spami Fartee, “It’s costing us billions but it’s the right thing to do. We have finally rid Ocean Front Walk of the unsightly mess. Our new residents have cleaned themselves up, taken baths, gotten a good night’s rest. This really benefits us all, and it keeps me out of prison.” President Bernie Sanders said, “We have been victorious in restoring to the American worker, the money that was stolen from them by the banks and investment funds.” “We have set a new standard for social justice!” said Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Warren. Amen to that.

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  1. When you first wind up on Venice Beach because the rent has of course become unaffordable, one sees immediately how impossibly expensive Venice Beach Suites and Hotel Erwin are and how far out of the possibility of existence they are suddenly facing, and how disgustingly polluted with psycho people looking for liquor and sex the hostel’s were UNTIL they caught on and lowered the age allowed to rent to get rid of disability tenants…so they raised the rent above the income of this crowd to clear them out.  Obviously the government helped them with that to finish them off.  It does not matter how nice they talk, because the nicer sounding the more likely they are a hard criminal mind or drug addict all of whom are nicely designed to interact with those paying $15-$30K/month rent but they are kept away though addictions lest the money find a way to filter out of their elite club. Addicts are works in progress, they are not quite killers yet, so they can’t get into the elite club.  Yup, $27,000/month is available right now at the border of Venice, Ocean Park Library area where my friend lives in rent control paying $600 for a closet apartment you cannot lay down but in one direction.  These are small homes, the kind we grew up in around 1965-1980 before the market had it’s jumps.  This home was around $1700/month in 2000.  For it to increase over 10 times in 16 years is clearly money laundering of an elite group of people that needs to be rooted out and eradicated or people don’t feel at home.  We’re trying to kill them for being rich and elite and they are trying to kill us for being poor.  So, it’s one of those wars, like a religious belief system war.  We cannot override the subject with the opinion that money is subjective and paid like a piece of artwork…get whatever you can get, because that is confusing people to a serious problem of thinking many should no longer be alive or they should be robbed back…there’s no way to make it more fair or balanced…it’s scales tipping and the money wins way too often…it can’t find a way anymore to the poor….. planetary population thinning is obvious.  The first to die is a group-mind set…the agreement is the cause of everything or there’s no power at all. So the bad guys are the mercenaries (kill for money alone), killers of all kinds when no self defense is necessary, rapists, thieves and drug addicts.   Someone that is paying $27,000/month?  This is possibly and probably seriously a killer of some type and obviously doesn’t even move into the house but it was sorely needed for money laundering and the secrets.  It’s time to get REAL…nice people paying $27,000 don’t move in next door to people paying $1,600.  But people paying $1,600 -$2,600 and think they are going to live it up at the beach with the endless liquor, or drugs and sex are likely to be ripe for recruits.  THEY HAVE A PLAN IN PROGRESS and it’s to corrupt further the one’s evil enough to think they deserve so much more…that are not helping the mother earth.  Back in the 80’s if your house was made of extra’s and outdid the neighborhood, the person lost the money and it was called overbuilding.  Everyone was expected to stay in their class.  Where did they get the money to pay so much and why isn’t it a police matter?  From real estate rentals they say.  BULLSHIT! Is there a gold mine under this place? Is there a portal to a reptilian underground military base?  If that house is worth that much, it would do society good to tear it apart bit by bit and dig and find that tunnel to the secret bases of operations…….it’s already widely reported to be a huge operation underneath museums and mansions in the hills in Los Angeles.  Anything expensive is elite…who are all members of the insiders club that eat people or you don’t get in the club…I think you don’t have to eat people all the time, just show up at some ritual dinner so they can video tape you and hold it against you to keep you in the club for a lifetime.  Watch out for evil in fancy places and fancy prices….they cover up as tourist sites catching egomaniacs showing up that believe it’s making money or for public good and tourism.  Public good, yeah, right, there’s no gardening organic to eat there.   It’s my opinion based on a lot of experience….the mother earth fully knows who you are and whether your spending your money on a beach condo or an organic farm and tending to plant growth which needs your touch and soul close by…. would just as soon you fall into the ocean asap as your useless to her.  This place is clearly about growing things and dna and not much else and there’s a sorting process that is rather morbid.  People’s soul is what grows plants and empowers animals so if the soul is into technology and dream lives, sex lives, and drugs or race cars to compete for money with, it’s not into growing things, it’s a player and not of serious need on earth.  The old saying goes, God let’s the devil have you…but it could be different if you really cared about the land and not piling yourself up into crowded people energy and usurping what is there to dominate instead of what is there to grow.  This purity of heart, intention and really hands on growing is around Venice…they are there showing the way for those that can still catch on because the change is coming and people will have to make these decisions.  I see so many throwing liquor parties instead of gardening parties…I wonder what they think and why that is fun to them and how they maintain so much energy while they are young or rich, they are living off the hopes of people and not having any contributions that will pass the grade until they figure it out, calm down and find a way to change their entire lives.  One cannot fake it with a few potted plants like Martha Stewart…that’s reptilian.  One single person needs a substantial gardening site and the entire desert is said to be capable of being turned green but for now it is sorting out who cares and who is looking for drug and sex lives at the beach…they know what your doing and what you think…..If that’s what they want, then whoever is there that can pay $27,000/month is there to collect their soul, but they can’t move in…they are there for the energy of the souls…and they can get it by pissing you off and feed off the anger….At first I wondered why not stay in Beverly Hills with that kind of money?  Why move to the coastline?  They are there for soul harvesting is the most likely reason.  Billionaires and millionaires who think they beat the game of it with a spent soul wanting to find one way after another to piss people off so they can feed off people in a money domination game and look where you wound up in the game if your homeless on the sidewalk…or even in an apartment…somewhere along the way, you turned your back on the mother earth path to a life here and fell for a reptilian trick, some kind of money, power, vehicle… so the thinking is alike enough your still stuck with them and their kind.  

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