City of L.A.

Burn Sage; Bill Rosendahl has passed

By Peggy Kennedyimages (1)

Bill Rosendahl brought in two new anti-homeless LA City laws (OPD, OVO) and used the Living in Vehicle law (LAMC 85.02) in 2010 which led to a landmark civil rights lawsuit against LA city: Desertrain vs City of LA.

Rosendahl appropriated funds to study a never created safe parking program, which was an imaginary carrot – illusionional compensation for the harsh, inhumane, unconstitutional treatment of vehicle housed people in Venice.

Some of the harmed vehicle housed in Venice were my friends. Some got sick. Some died. Others were permanently driven from their home. Later, after the harm had been done, some were housed and used as his success story.

NOT ONE PARKING SPACE WAS EVER CREATED IN VENICE via this safe parking program pipe dream.

I personally begged Rosendahl in January 2010 not to go forward with the vehicle housed onslaught using the Living in Vehicle Law until he were able to provide some parking spaces. He said, and I would describe it (nicely) as very heartless, that it was a “tool” and it was going to be used.

I personally witnessed Rosendahl tell Fox News on Rose Ave in Venice that he wouldn’t want “those people” parked in front of his house.

I will not forget. I can only try to forgive for the sake of my own spirit’s peace.

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