By Roxanne Brown


This photo shows terrible homelessness – the homeless eating off garbage bins and sitting on milk crates?

April Fool’s. It’s Gjelina’s, GTA’s, and Gjusta’s customers helping to maximize owner Fran Camaj’s profits – no cost for permit, no cost for tables, chairs, floors, walls.
This photo shows blight and neglect, abandoned buildings?

April Fool’s – it’s the hippest street in America, Abbot Kinney – where all of the hippest stores (Surfing Cowboys, Tantau, Zingara, Koko, Mona Moore, and more) have been forced out due to exorbitant rent increases.

Forbes February 5, 2015 article on top Venice realtor Tami Pardee says she expected to make $417 million in 2014. Press on Pardee says she gives 10% of her net on sales to the charity of her clients’ choice. Did she earn $500 million in 2015 and give $50 million (less expenses) to help the homeless in Venice?
April Fools: Pardee’s website shows $20,000 went to the Homeless Task Force and $39,003 to The Teen Project in 2015. That’s $59,003 – not $50 million. Of course, money goes to her client’s choice. However, maybe there’s an idea here…


Councilman Mike Bonin is looking for a tax to help the homeless. When realtors, such as Pardee, sell what was affordable housing, perhaps 10% of the gross needs to go to helping the homeless? There seems to be a direct correlation between these sales, evictions and loss of rent stabilized housing (RSO) and affordable housing.
Perhaps Bonin could investigate another “homeless tax” on those who are turning RSO’s and affordable housing into short term rentals (STRs).
President of the Venice Chamber of Commerce Carl Lambert has been turning his affordable housing apartments into de-facto hotels. He might pay 10% of gross on his higher profits?


Speaking of Bonin. Have you read the press? Yes, Bonin has announced he will end homelessness. He will break ground on an Abbot Kinney parking lot. And, Bonin says acres of prime Venice real estate are now slated for affordable housing.
April Fools. Oops those Bonin promises seem to be part of his campaign strategy. TRIPLE APRIL FOOLS!

Bonin is launching his reelection campaign. Bonin talks and says things and moves people around and the status quo remains. Bonin remains Venice’s invisible elected councilman. His predecessor, Bill Rosenthal, was everywhere and gave easy access to his constituents. Not Bonin.

Bonin got elected because Venetians thought he would be like Bill. WRONG – APRIL FOOLS. Many westsiders are saying “Anybody but Bonin.” #OneTermBonin. Bonin’s been bonin’ Venice – letting property gangsters rule. Brentwood isn’t too happy with him – two lawsuits at least. The Playas aren’t so happy, nor are Westminster and Mar Vista. Perhaps the Palisades loves him. Isn’t that where the developers live?

Bonin is depending on money from developers and their mantra, “money always wins.” APRIL FOOL’S – Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Michael Huffington?
If reelected, Bonin would get another 5 ½ years – $1 million plus perks. Spread the word – stop Bonin – he’s been bonin’ Venice and Council District 11 long enough.


Mayor Eric Garcetti, his administration, Councilman Bonin and the West LA Area Planning Commission (WLAAPC) in an appeal approved Fran Camaj’s Gjusta at 320 Sunset for “change of use” from “bakery/take out only” (which it has never been) to restaurant with alcohol thirteen feet from residents’ homes.
It’s a tale of farce and fakery, corruption and collusion. Hollywood, are you listening? Lorne Michael’s at Saturday Night Live, can you hear us? Who will buy the rights and make the movie? Kristen Wiig? Amy Schumer?


Were the following statements actually made?
Zoning Administrator Maya Zaitzevsky saying, “Gjelina only seats people for an hour – not enough time to get drunk?” YES!
Laurette Healey, Fran Camaj’s consultant said: Unlike other areas, adding a liquor license in Venice brings the crime rate down? YES she said it and showed a chart as “evidence.” Not an April Fool’s joke!
Jim Murez was an appellant against Gjusta? False – April Fool’s! Jim Murez was an appellant FOR Gjusta. Commission President Donovan said, “It’s a little strange to have an appellant in favor of the project.”
Camaj’s attorney Ben Reznik when not whispering in the ear of the City attorney said: The homeless pee in Gjusta’s alley, not Gjusta’s customers. April Fool’s. Venetians see Gjusta’s customers pee in the alley and near their cars and next to buildings. We’ve even seen women squat in the bushes and pee. Same old problem: too many customers (as fire department codes get ignored) and not enough bathrooms at restaurant.
Murez and Reznik said: Everyone knows the Metro yard (at Sunset and Main) will be turned into a parking structure holding a thousand cars. APRIL FOOL’S! Bonin says that will be used to build housing, including some affordable housing for the teachers [union] and nurses.


In closing, Reznik stated that Camaj has always been a responsible alcohol licensee. APRIL FOOLS – NOT. Concerned Neighbors of 320 Sunset (CNS) had photo and internet evidence of Gjelina/GTA/Gjusta chef and waiters serving alcohol on (unpermitted) patio/alley/walkway and upstairs rental apartment at Gjelina. Google to see all the fun.

Neighbors have seen these parties and documented them with evidence 107 times in the last 1 ½ years. Yet, the City looks the other way, has done so for eight years at Gjelina/GTA, and apparently intends to continue to look the other way going forward at Gjelina, GTA, 1305 Abbot Kinney (Black Beast), and Gjusta.


Ilana Marosi, President of Concerned Neighbors of 320 Sunset (CNS), and CNS members fought for two years to keep Venice’s historic Oakwood neighborhood safe for the families who live there. As usual, the City chose special interests over tax-paying, voting citizens.
Mayor Eric Garcetti, his administration, and his City Council, including Councilman Mike Bonin, have done more to harm the quality of life for Angelenos than any of their predecessors. Stop the fools.
If you disagree with the actions of the City and want to stop this behavior, please contribute $5 – $10 – $20 – $20,000. Any and all amounts show that you say, “stop.” Do it now, before you get busy.
VOTE MITCHELL SCWARTZ to replace Garcetti: #OnetermGarcetti

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